Saint Mary Magdalene Community
an inclusive Catholic community
dedicated July 22, 2007

Special Events

Spring 20222
Summer 2022. 
Additional information upcoming.  
 Information upcoming.  .


 Charitable Giving: 
July 2022- 
The July charity is Kay Lasante Clinic in Haiti.  Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas. They continue to be impacted by 
earthquakes. Eileen DiFranco is our community champion.

The Kay Lasante Clinic is an offshoot of the House of Grace Catholic Worker in Philadelphia. Catholic Workers Johanna 
Berrigan and Mary Beth Appel serve on Kay Lasante’s Board. Learn more about the clinic and the health care provided 

June 2022- Chester Community Coalition (Trauma Informed Counseling).
 The June charity is Chester Community Coalition.  Their focus is on counseling youth or adults who have suffered
from violence, whether from guns, sticks, or a beating from other people.  Ed Burke is our community champion.

May 2022- Missionaries of the Poor in Kington, Jamaica.  

May charity is Missionaries of the Poor in Kingston, Jamaica. Larry DiFranco is our SMM sponsor. Larry’s brother, 
Nick, has traveled to Jamaica as a volunteer for 8 of the last 12 years. In Kingston, Jamaica, the Missionaries of the Poor
 operate multiple projects and facilities serving hundreds of orphans, malnourished children, distressed mothers and babies,
 the elderly, mentally and physically disabled young women and those suffering with AIDS.  Please reach out for more information

Community Outreach:
Project is funding diapers for The Hispanic Mission. You can donate gift cards from Walmart
 or Target or write a check payable to "The Hispanic Mission.” Gift cards and donations for The Hispanic Mission 
and Anna’s Place in Chester.  Pllease email Kathy at for more information.  

Return of the Light- 12/22 from 6 PM to 8 PM.  

Return of the Light- 12/22 from 6 PM to 8 PM.